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Cleanburn Pellet Fuel

Wood smoke is one of the leading contributors to air pollution in the Pacific Northwest, yet the convenience and comfort of a wood-burning stove are hard to resist. Wood pellet burning appliances are a great way to enjoy a clean, efficient, economical and environmentally safe wood-fueled fire.

In a natural extension of our business, Manke uses 100% Douglas fir wood sawdust, a co-product of local lumber production at our mills. The sawdust is dried, screened, ground and compressed at our Tacoma, Washington plant to produce one of the highest quality pellets on the market. CleanBurn is a densified wood pellet fuel with a consistently high BTU, low-ash **rating.** No additives or binders are used in our process.

Cleaner and Safer For You and The Environment
CleanBurn pellets burn cleaner than firewood because of their low-moisture content. In fact, when burned in an approved pellet stove, they com-bust nearly totally, eliminating creosote buildup which gives you a safer stove. In addition, there are virtually no emissions and, including sulfur, which is one of the leading causes of acid rain. And all of that that helps preserve our air quality.

Guaranteed Analysis
Grade: Premium
Material: 100% Wood Fiber
Ash: Less than ½ %
Fines: Less than ½ %
Chlorides: Less than 250PPM
BTU/LB: Greater than 8500
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